D. Feeney


What is Recovery

There are many times I introduce myself as a “recovering person”.  The follow up question is usually, “from what?”  What does it mean to say I am a recovering person and why do I use that term?  I used to say I was a recovering alcoholic, but as my recovery has gone on through the years, I see my recovery in a much broader context then just recovering from alcoholism.  I believe the biggest part of recovery is gaining insight into myself, my thinking, my reactions, and my perceptions.  Insight into why I respond to life the way I do? 

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“ The Change Group” A Professionals Program

For many professionals, the difficulty in seeking treatment is the fear of being exposed, often even by their own family. Taking the steps to start the journey of recovery is difficult. The fear of losing one’s reputation is a large barrier to seeking help. 

Alcohol and Tobacco are still the two leading causes of death today, far above that of Opioids, Cocaine and all other drugs combined! But it is a slower form of death and it is seen as socially acceptable. One of the biggest obstacles to having insight into your use is the environment in which you live.  For the Professional well-established person, alcohol and drugs are part of the lifestyle.  It’s not seen as a way out but a way in!  Without it people feel disconnected from everyone else.  It keeps people living in their delusion. Their ability to function, is the barrier to recovery.

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Dianna Feeney