D. Feeney


“ The Change Group” A Professionals Program

For many professionals, the difficulty in seeking treatment is the fear of being exposed, often even by their own family. Taking the steps to start the journey of recovery is difficult. The fear of losing one’s reputation is a large barrier to seeking help. 

In my experience, one of the main struggles most people share is that of acceptance. Not necessarily accepting the idea they may use too much, but that their use is affecting their lives negatively. High achieving persons see their success as proof they cannot have a “disorder”! How can I have all that I do, achieve all that I do, and have a problem? There is still the stigma of the homeless drug addict or alcoholic living on “skid row” as the picture people carry. While there are many people living “on skid row”, they are actually more aware of their situation than the professional living in their comfortable home, working in their careers, and holding on to their view of themselves as highly functioning. The illusion is so strong, you can’t see through it until it comes crashing down. 

And it may never come crashing down! There are those who live their whole lives without seeing it or addressing it. And while they may still be successful business wise, their personal lives are a struggle if not a complete mess. Substance abuse causes distress. It distresses relationships, health, emotional stability, and causes underlying unhappiness. And becomes a vicious cycle when we use to feel better about these issues or use to ignore them.

It also causes grave physical harm.  Alcohol and Tobacco are still the two leading causes of death today, far above that of Opioids, Cocaine and all other drugs combined! But it is a slower form of death and it is seen as socially acceptable. One of the biggest obstacles to having insight into your use is the environment in which you live.  For the Professional well-established person, alcohol and drugs are part of the lifestyle.  It’s not seen as a way out but a way in!  Without it people feel disconnected from everyone else.  It keeps people living in their delusion. Their ability to function, is the barrier to recovery.

However, there are usually signs that people work hard to ignore.  The first sign is usually found at home in the person’s relationships with family or friends. The hope is the person takes the first step, making the decision to start the process of change.

Who would attend the Professionals Program?

  • CEO’s, CFO’s, Executives. Lawyers, Nurses, Doctors, Therapists, Clergy, Management - The professionals Program is designed for persons in leadership roles and professional/licensed fields. 

The purpose of the program?

  • Achieving balance and stability in the Professionals life while achieving Recovery from a Substance Use Disorder

 Anonymity in the community – The Professionals Program is designed to be an intimate setting within the community. The client can attend treatment while continuing to work and live at home.

Dianna Feeney