What is EAP?

EAP stands for (Employment Assistance Program) and it is an employee wellness benefit offered to a company’s employees and families. The EAP offers help with the resolution of problems that are or may be affecting the employees work. These problems, however, do not have to be caused by workplace issues. The EAP can provide personalized consultation, shortterm counseling, referral and follow-up services to enhance the personal and professional wellbeing of your employees. We also offer training and management consultation for improved workplace performance Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are designed to provide support for employees that are navigating life issues that may impact their ability to come to work and be productive in the workplace. The primary goal of an EAP is to ensure the mental health of employees so that they can consistently contribute to the growth of the company. ... The aim of an EAP is to reduce the amount of time employees take away from work and to ensure that when they return, they do so with renewed strength and optimal mental health.

Who would use the program?

All members of the workforce and their immediate family members may use the program whenever they are experiencing personal and/or work-related difficulties. Supervisors and managers may also seek the guidance of a Consultant to determine the appropriateness of referring employees who might be experiencing work performance and conduct changes due to personal issues, as well as to discuss onsite workgroup support or training options.

Employee Consultations and Counseling

There are many dimensions to a healthier you.  We all possess an abundance of personal and professional potential waiting to be unleashed. EAP assists the individual with choices in how to maximize your physical, emotional and occupational wellbeing. We work with you to establish a commitment toward change, set specific goals and suggest appropriate resources to meet your needs. We provide consultation on issues including but not limited to:

  • Addictions (chemical and behavioral)

  • Assertiveness and Communication Skills

  • Mental Health

  • Relationships

  • Self Care

  • Stress Management

Employees receive three sessions with the EAP.  During these services, the EAP will assess the employee needs and make any referrals needed. The EAP will refer according to the employees needs and insurance coverage.

Management Consultation

EAP is a resource for supervisors to enhance management skills, strengthen the workforce, increase worker productivity and promote workplace safety. As a supervisor you may become concerned with changes in an employee's performance or conduct that could be related to personal or professional challenges. Take advantage of EAP’s services to increase your staff’s productivity, enthusiasm and wellbeing. EAP provides supervisory consultation on issues including:

  • Absenteeism

  • Conduct

  • Employee and Supervisory Workshops

  • Loss of an Employee

  • Morale

  • Productivity

  • Work Performance

  • Workplace Conflict

  • Substance Use Concerns

  • Workplace Violence/Trauma

The EAP is a pre-paid benefit. There is no cost for EAP services to the workforce or their immediate family members. Using EAP counseling, consultation or training services can result in significant cost savings when compared to costs of similar services in the community; EAP is an ideal first stop for employees considering use of their mental health insurance. If care beyond the EAP is indicated, EAP Consultants work closely with our clients to provide referrals that are covered by health insurance or otherwise within a client’s financial means.


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