D. Feeney

Addiction Services


The Change Group - A Professionals Program

Lawyers, Executives, Therapists, Police and Fire and other professional/licensed fields

Many professionals share similar concerns in dealing with their substance use disorders.  Working together with other professionals in a small intimate group relieves some of those concerns and gives the professional the support and tools necessary to make the positive changes necessary. 

The Professionals Program is an Intensive Outpatient Program that meets three nights a week for three hours & an Individual session weekly which may include family.

Month program includes:

  • Three-hour groups; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4pm - 7pm for four weeks

  • One individual sessions a week (Family may be included)

  • Aftercare group: two-hour group once a week.

  • Clients length of stay is determined on their progress, motivation and in collaboration with the Therapist.



“The goal of intervention is to present the alcohol or drug user with a structured opportunity to accept help and to make changes before things get even worse.” (NCADD)

During an intervention, a group of affected loved ones, often friends, family, and even co-workers or the individual’s religious leader, come together to present their concerns over the client’s substance use.  I become the bridge between you and your loved one to aid in effectively communicating your worries and the hope for a better future.

Interventions services include:  

  • Initial therapy/planning session

  • One to two therapy sessions with the group.         

  • Preparing the next steps necessary for the client (admission to appropriate level of care treatment)    

  • The Intervention session

  • Follow up group meeting

  • Fee based on needed services